Internet Marketing Service dedicated to optimizing your online presence.

Internet Marketing Service dedicated to optimizing your online presence.

Internet Marketing Service dedicated to optimizing your online presence.Internet Marketing Service dedicated to optimizing your online presence.

Impetus is committed to the success of your small business.

Our Mission Statement...

...To provide solutions for all needs of small business through quality services, and to maintain our client relationships through honesty & integrity and by always adding value to their business and their bottom line...

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About us

    Our internet marketing service can work to help any small business attract more customers and increase sales by showcasing your brand to more people - while making sure that it's name maintains a sterling reputation. 

We hold ourselves to the highest expectation that the relationship we have with each of our clients will be beneficial and profitable for their business. In fact, our ultimate goal - our singular purpose - is to achieve greater and greater profits for your business.

When you decide you want us to work for you, we will quickly begin to assess your current situation and then devise and implement a strategy based on your business' current strengths and weaknesses - playing to your strengths while working to bolster areas that need improvement. 

We will work to repair and manage public perception of your business online with our reputation management services, or we can focus on delivering higher customer volume to increase your sales through social media marketing. We can work on gaining the upper hand over your competitors by towering over them in internet search ranking by using our SEO services (search engine optimization). Or if you feel that all of these would be beneficial we can develop a holistic approach that will fully optimize your brand. Let us start working for you today. The price of our services is truly more flexible than any other service you're likely to use, whether it is in the field of online marketing or anywhere else. We strive for compatibility with any business on any budget. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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Business Financing

We're now able to offer an alternative lending source to businesses who may not have had the best luck getting approved for funding through traditional lending companies. Approval for funding is based on your company's sales rather than their credit score, with no collateral required. Sourced from more than 40 of the most reputable alternative lenders in the country, we'll find you the best possible offer and use a very simple screening process to qualify applicants. Once  business owner qualifies and finishes the closing process, the total amount of funding - which can be anywhere between $10,000- $1,000,000 - will be received within 3 business days. Contact us today for more information and find out if you qualify.

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Alternative Investments

We now offer our clients a range of alternative investment options for themselves and their employees which include Crypto and Precious Metals-backed IRA's, as well as IRA eligible products such as individual gold and silver coins and bars. For more information, download our Free Gold Investor's Kit, and be sure to visit the Alternative Investments page in our menu at the top left of this page.

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